Solana | Solana NFTs are Live on Instagram & Facebook

Solana NFTs are Live on Instagram & Facebook.

Instagram and Facebook have integrated with the Solana blockchain to allow users to showcase their NFT collections! The Solana Foundation has teamed up with leading NFT ecosystem creators, If you have any kind of questions pertaining to where and how you can make use of invest in nft, you could contact us at our web-site.File:Frederic Edwin Church - Niagara Falls, from the American Side ... marketplaces, and infrastructure projects to celebrate with a special contest.

Enter to win 1:1 NFTs and exclusive rewards from your favorite NFT projects.

Catalina Whales.

The Catalina Whale NFT will award the holder an additional Original Catalina Whale Collection NFT.


The Hyperspace NFT will award the holder an exclusive Merch pack and invest in nft member-only Discord access.


The Degods NFT will give the owner an exclusive Degod Merch pack.

Grim Syndicate.

The Grim Syndicate NFT will give the holder guaranteed whitelist spots for the Wheel of Degen drop, NFT early access to other drops, and an original Grim NFT.


The y00ts NFT will give the holder a exclusive y00ts Merch pack.

Magic Eden.

The Magic Eden NFT holder will be appointed Chief Degen Officer for interest NFT projects 1 month and will have the opportunity to share feedback directly with the ME team and help shape the future of NFTs.

Aurory.1 year ago

The Aurory NFT will give the holder access to all of Aurory’s current & future closed beta games, as well as access to select mini games on

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