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CloneX NFTs and the Secret to the Success of Nike and RTFKT.

When Nike announced in late 2021 that it had bought RTFKT Studios, a company that made Web3 content, the news went right over the heads of the brand’s most loyal fans.14 hours ago But the Web3 community as a whole, especially those in the NFT space, took notice.4 months ago With this new deal, Nike made it clear that it wants to make a name for itself in the metaverse. NFTs are the first step toward this high goal.

With the CloneX NFT collection, which came out in November 2021 and is growing quickly, it looks like Nike may be able to bring its IRL cultural capital to Web3. Even though Nike and RTFKT have been building up a lot of buzz with their many NFT drops over the past few months, CloneX seems to be the real deal. Several things came together to make it possible for the NFT community as a whole to welcome this new project with open arms.

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How Nike is doing in NFTs.

When well-known brands, especially high-end ones, move into this new area, they usually make a big splash. Nike is no different, as shown by the drops that RTFKT, which Nike just bought, has been pumping into the space. Their first NFT drop was in February 2022, but their best work was still to come.

With the CryptoKicks NFT collection, which came out in April 2022, RTFKT’s has brought virtual Nike sneakers with an official license to the NFT market.In recent years, sneaker culture has become known for being full of rumors, so it makes sense that there is a growing crossover between sneakerheads and NFT fans.

Because of this crossover, when Nike bought RTFKT, it also bought its CloneX NFT avatar collection, which came out a month before the news got out that Nike had bought RTFKT.

About CloneX NFT.

First, let’s talk about what CloneX is not. The name CloneX doesn’t just mean a company that makes rooting gels, cloning solutions, and NFT other industrial solvents, despite what Google search results might tell you. It is also a collection of NFT items.

The CloneX NFT collection from Nike and RTFKT is made up of 20,000 3D avatar NFTs called “Clones” that were made with a specific goal in mind. Each Clone in the collection is ready to use in the metaverse right away. This is because the collection is the first part of what Nike and RTFKT want to be an ecosystem for the metaverse.

How to buy CloneX NFT?

At the moment, OpenSea is the best place to look for your own Clone. As of this writing, the lowest price for the collection is 6.4 ETH, which is about $8,500 based on recent prices. You can try to get in by buying a small part of a Clone, but you might not be able to use all of the features that are planned for these NFTs. You’ll just have to put money into it.

Each of the 20,000 CloneX NFT avatars belongs to one of eight subtypes, or “DNA types.” About half of all CloneX NFTs are humans, three-tenths are robots, and NFT the other two-tenths are made up of angels, demons, reptiles, crypto wallet may make money and the dead. A very small number of people with the Human CloneX DNA type have the “vitiligo” trait. This is the same skin disorder that caused Michael Jackson to wear gloves in the 1980s and have pale skin for the rest of his life. But unlike the late King of Pop, CloneX NFTs with Vitiligo skins will wear them loud and proud. This may help any CloneX holders who need that extra push to feel comfortable in their own skin.

If you’re keeping track, you might notice that we’ve only talked about six types of DNA so far. We saved the two types of DNA in the CloneX collection that are the rarest for cryptocurrency last, so don’t move.

The rarest Clones.

Let’s begin with Murakami imitators. Not the depressing existentialist Murakami. Takashi Murakami, a rising star in Japanese pop art, is the topic at hand. The artist single-handedly transformed the project’s reputation from a “great NFT project” into a “potential funnel for widespread NFT adoption” when he worked with the Clone X team for a drop in late 2021.

In an interview with Hypebeast, Murakami disclosed that he worked with the CloneX team to create qualities for numerous more generative PFP avatar NFTs that would be added to the initial 20,000. These traits represented eyes, mouths, helmets, and outfits.

Murakami clones were subsequently added as an entirely new DNA subtype to the Clone pool to assist celebrate the iconic artist’s contribution. Only 0.5 percent of the present crop of Clone NFTs are these prestigious Clones.

At the time this was written, crypto wallet may make money the most expensive Clone that had been sold so far had a Murakami DNA subtype. Late in 2021, CloneX #4594 sold on OpenSea for 450 ETH, which is worth nearly $600,000 as of this writing.

Even so, Murakami Clones are only the second most rare type of DNA in the collection. The Alien DNA subtype gets that title. Only %0.15 of all Clones have this DNA subtype. In December 2021, the most expensive Alien Clon will sell for 88.88 ETH.

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