12 Best Content Locker Ad Networks In 2022

12 + Best Content Locker Ad Networks For Publishers/Marketers 2022.

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Looking for Best Top Content Locker Ad Networks For Publishers? We are here to help you to choose the best.

Are you making the most of your great content? Are the ads you’re using to make money giving you what you need? If not, it might be time to try content locking. This is a way to get more money for your high-quality content by using special ad networks. .

CPA gateway method is an efficient way to earn real money online. In fact, if you do it correctly, you can gain extra income easily. The concept of content locking is to manipulate the online user into performing an action so that he can see the premium content on the web page. The most important thing is that if you want the visitor to perform the action, the content on the page should be rewarding enough to compel the user or visitor to finish the CPA proposal.

Today, we are going to provide you information about the CPA networks that can help you initiate a CPA content locker. Here is a list of 12 CPA networks that we are going to study today. These networks are tried and tested and have a reliable payment system.

Table of Contents.

The details of Top Content Locker Ad Networks 2022 are as follow:

1) CPALead.

CPALead is a leading CPA network that is simple, efficient and is capable of making real money. Content gateway technology has been developed by the CPALead, which has restructured the whole CPA Enterprise Sector. This network solution has the maximum number of advertisers along with massive traffic.

CPALead renders its affiliates with high payments that are given on time. Their content gateway tool appears between the web page and the user. And, when the visitor on the page performs the required action like responding to a survey, the website owner gets the commission. Hence, if you have a famous site with massive traffic, you can earn a lot of money as commission.

Payment Details:

There is a minimum payment of $50 to be paid. The different payment options provided by the company are ACH, PayPal, Payoneer, Wire, and check. The various types of payments include weekly, Net-15 and Net-30 payments. The types of incentives involved are CPL, Content Locking and CPA. CPALead also provides a referral bonus of 5% to its customers.

2) MGCash.

One of our highly recommended CPA networks is MGCash. It can quickly monetize the appearance as well as the experience of the content on the web page. MGCash makes it possible to produce income from web content, mobile and web traffic, searches and display ads.

This monetization solution can be customized as per the requirement of any business sector in the industry. However, it is most advantageous for the middle-level advertisers and publishers.

Payment Details:

The minimum amount to be paid for MGCash is $50. The payment options include Payoneer, WebMoney, ACH (i.e., Direct deposit), Wire, PayPal, and e-payServices. The types of payment include Net-15 below the amount of $1K, and weekly payment is $4,000 per month while Bi-weekly payment is $2000 per month.

The various commission models offered by the company are CPS, CPL, SMS, CPA, URL shortener, Youtube Monetizer, Super URL along with Content locking. The company also provides a referral bonus of 5%.

3) Adludum.

Adludum is a significant content locking CPA marketing network solution. The company has developed a unique in-house platform that provides a great variety of monetization solutions in the area of internet marketing. It is an excellent network which is blooming rapidly. The powerful tools provided by Adludum enable its affiliates to earn huge incentives from the traffic on their website.

Adludum is also called as Next-Gen CPA network for content lockers because of its competitive technological developments. It is a perfect solution for monetizing your website content as it does not follow the conventional methods in CPA based marketing.

Payment Details:

Adludum costs you as low as $50 that can be sent through Wire, PayPal, and Payoneer as payment options. These payments can be made on net-30, bi-weekly or weekly basis. The types of commissions applicable are CPS, CPL, link or content locking and CPA. The company provides a referral bonus of 3%, which is less than many networks.

4) CPAGrip.

CPAGrip is a high-quality affiliate network that offers some great advertising solutions to publishers. It provides fantastic opportunities to the affiliates to earn great incentives. The company believes that knowledge mixed with technology is the key to success.

It has some great offerings for the members along with 24*7 customer support team. CPAGrip offers weekly payments. For the publishers who want to explore the world of CPA forex affiliate program solutions and are interested in document locking, video locking or content unlocking should contact CPAGrip.

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CPAGrip Details:

The minimum payment option given by the CPAGrip is $50. The amount can be paid via Check, ACH, Wire and PayPal. Payments can be made on Bi-Weekly, Weekly, Net-7, Net-15 or Net-30 basis. The commission types involved are CPS, CPL, and CPA. The company has also included a referral policy with 5% bonus.

5) Adscend Media.

Adscend Media is a great CPA monetization solution that provides best advertising solution, affiliate marketing and content locking to its affiliates and online publishers. It also offers mobile apps in the area of CPA marketing. The network renders its advertisers with the great leads and publishers with the huge commissions.

Adscend Media works on the pay per click (PPC) model of online marketing, making it less expensive for the advertisers. They have dedicated account management team that provide excellent support to all the accounts and help them earn huge profits.

Adscend Media Details:

The minimum payable amount is $50 like many others in the industry. The payment options given by the company include ACH, Wire, Check, Payoneer and PayPal. The types of payments can be Net-7, Net-15 or Net-30. Various incentives provided by the firm are based on CPA, Content unlocking, CPS, and CPL. Ascend Media also offers 3% as a referral bonus.

6) Survata.

One more money making network platform is Survata that locks the useful content on the web page of any website and hence, force visitors to fill different surveys. This method allows the publishers to earn fabulous profits. It also allows the advertisers to conduct anonymous surveys with relevant questions regarding their business to be asked from the online users.

Some of the most common content locking data include content that can be downloaded, an offer for “ad-free” access to the content on a website, audio content, free trials and e-books. Survata marketing platform compatible with various other advertisement platforms, which gives it a cutting edge in online marketing business. If any website already has ads displayed on it, Survata CPA platform can also be incorporated without eliminating other ads.

The surveys conducted by Survata are easy to execute and user-friendly. They do not involve any personal questions and hence, make it easy for a visitor to participate. The publisher needs to add a JavaScript snippet on their website for using Survata. The minimum requirement of traffic is 5,000 visitors per month from the US.

7) AdWorkMedia.

Another CPA network is AdWork Media, which provide different tools to publishers for locking content as well as a product. The company provides various monetization solutions that include worldwide performance marketing, affiliate campaigns and offer walls along with content locking tools for both web and mobile publishers.

These tools can be integrated easily with any website secure high-end content. The technical support team provided by AdWork Media is highly qualified and efficient and offer 24/7 assistance and help in optimizing any marketing campaign.

There is a minimum payment of $35, which can be paid through PayPal, Check or Wire. The payment can be on the weekly, bi-weekly, Net-7, Net-15 or Net-30 basis. The incentives offered to the publishers depend upon the types of tools such as Product locker, content locker, CPS, CPL, and CPA. The AdWord Media also offers a lifetime bonus of 3% for referrals.

8) Blv.me.

Blv Me is a CPA based network that locks links. This network also works as a paid CPA URL shortener. Because it locks the links, it allows publishers to lock any outstanding content, web page, and downloadable material such as software, file, etc. Hence, the website user has to unlock the content to get the access to required material or information. The network pays $10 to the publisher per unlock.

Though Blv Me is comparatively a new network, yet it has managed to attract many publishers by offering them the benefits like timely payments, high rates, easy offers and powerful CPA marketing tools. Hence, it provides capabilities that a publisher and a website or content owner can ask for.

The minimum amount to be paid for Blv Me network is $20 that can be paid via Skrill, Payza, and Wire transfer. The only payment type involved is net-30. Link locking and CPA are the kinds of commissions involved along with the referral bonus of 5%.

9) ShareCash.

Share Cash is another great CPA marketing network that is based on the concept of Pay Per Download. It locks the content or files on publisher’s website and allows him to earn money. It also offers facilities like Link lockers and URL shorteners that help publishers to make some extra incentives.

Payment Details:

The minimum amount to be paid for Share Cash network is $20 that can be paid via PayPal, Check, Payoneer, Payquicker, Payza, and Wire transfer. The payment types involved are bi-weekly and monthly. Link locking, CPL, and CPA are the various sorts of commissions involved along with the referral bonus of 5%-12%.

10) AdClickWall.

Ad Click Wall provides huge traffic to the advertiser and helps publisher earn a high income by placing offer wall on your Reward web page, PTC, and GPT. The support team of Ad Click Wall is very aggressive and provides a significant technical assistance to both the advertiser and publisher.

Ad Click Wall Details:

The minimum payment involved for Ad Click Wall network is $2 only that can be paid via Paypal. The only payment type included is Net-10. CPL, CPC, and CPA are the types of commissions involved along with the referral bonus of 2%.

11) WhiteMobi.

WhiteMobi is global CPA based network that provides monetized solutions to publishers for the mobile traffic such as Smart link, App Wall, and content locker. WhiteMobi has a complete in-house platform that offers customized solutions to publishers, social influencers, website owners and application developers. The WhiteMobi offers great monetization tools for desktop as well as mobile traffic.

Payment Details:

The minimum amount involved here is $50 that can be paid via PayPal and Wire transfer payment options. The payment types included are Net-7, Net-15, and Net-30. CPL, CPI, and CPA are the kinds of commissions involved. The company offers a referral bonus of 5% to their customers.

12) AdGateMedia.

AdGateMedia is a commission based CPA network that offers good incentives and significant customer support to the publishers, bloggers and content owners. They have a variety of offers for publishers to choose from. Their gateway locking solution is excellent that exhibits conversion offers.

Publishers get huge incentives per conversion, which are paid on time. It is also known as one of the best link locker tools in the industry as per many publishers.

The minimum amount of payment involved here is $25 that can be paid via Payoneer, ACH, Check, PayPal and Wire Transfer. The payment types are Net-7 for more than $5k per month, Net-15 for an amount of $1K per month, Net-30 for an amount that is below $1K per month and it is negotiable for the huge amount like $10K per month and more. Link locking and CPA are the types of commissions involved.

FAQ’s On Content Locker Ad Networks.

What is content locking and how it works?

Content locking is a way for people to make money. Websites and apps use this to lock content that people can’t see until they do something, like install an app or take a survey. This is a way for websites and apps with a lot of traffic to make money.

Is content locking still lucrative ?

Making money by locking content is a way to get paid for premium content, like games, software, eBooks, and guides. Users can download the content after completing a task, like taking a survey. Once they do that, the webmaster will earn money from the affiliate network.

What are some of the best content locker ad networks for publishers?

There are six best options for content locking affiliate networks. The first is CPALead. They have a lot of tools and ideas to help you make money with the network.

Conclusion : List Of Best Content Locker Ad Networks 2022.

Content locking is a popular way to make money from traffic. This method lets you earn more than traditional methods of making money online. So it is a great way to make money from quality content and traffic in this digital era around the world.

Above is the list of Top Content Locker Ad Networks 2022 . For more information or queries, please leave your comments or feedback in the comments section below. We would be happy to revert to your queries.

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3 thoughts on “12 + Best Content Locker Ad Networks For Publishers/Marketers 2022”

Awesome post, I am using cpa grip currently. But is there any way where i can lock any URL with ads. I mean users just have to watch an ad of 30-60 seconds and after watching an ad they will be redirected to the lock URL or content? Thanks.

Awesome post. I’m using CPAlead currently, I don’t have any complains but will check out the others just to find out what else they have to offer.

Content locking is an easier way to make money with CPA basis online, but you still need to do it the right way to maximize your profits. We know it very well the basic idea behind content locking is to force web page visitor for an action to be performed before allowing access to that page.

MGCash is a monetization solution and which is capable of generating pay from content, searches, and the web & mobile traffic. It receives impressions from different sectors of the Industry, which should most probably cover every kind of business. CPALead stands among the best CPA networks because of their dedication to make the CPA world simpler, easier and money making. Eventually, thanks for exploring these beneficial services.

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