Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar), Diabetes Testing and Driving

Since hypoglycemia is able to effect your driving performance (even modestly low blood sugar could do this), if you are at all prone to hypoglycemia, I myself would strongly suggest you have a look at your sugar levels amount every time you’re intending to drive.

Just before you putting the secret in the ignition, test your blood sugar. You can find some fantastic glucometers nowadays, like the Accu Check Compact with the Accu-Check Multi-clix lancet pen.

The Accu-Check Compact has a seventeen strip drum inside so you do not need certainly to go for any additional strips along. The Accu-Check Multi-clix lancet pen has a drum that instantly is able to hold six lancets inside the pen to make use of easily and quickly. Once again, you won’t have to bring any lancets separately with you. But if your blood sugar is low, treat yourself to hard candy or some juice and don’t drive until your blood sugar is to normal. Generally 80 mg/dl and higher you should feel much better. After that attempt to eat a small meal, for instance a low fat cheese and also turkey sandwich.

Usually in fifteen minutes taking 15-20 grams of Carbohydrate (CHO) will most likely bring up your blood glucose to normal range. You can have a 4 6 ounce glass of juice, glucose tablets or maybe 2-3 pieces of candy which is hard. Don’t overdo it because the blood sugar of yours will likely then go sky high. If it doesn’t return within ordinary limits in 15 minutes, repeat the 15-20 grams of CHO then check your blood sugar in fifteen minutes.

Generally if your blood glucose is above 80 mg/dl, you should feel fine but occasionally going above hundred mg/dl, you’ll feel better. You should follow with a small meal that contains CHO, protein which has a tiny amount of fat.

Always make quite sure you have something to eat well within reach in the automobile (not in the trunk!). I tell my father to put 2-3 peppermint candy right in his pocket and in addition have a supply of candy that is hard or perhaps peppermint candy always stashed in his car.

It’s best in case you eat 6-8 small meals 1 day. This would include a CHO, protein food which consists of a bit of extra fat included. Example would be a cheese sandwich which has both one or two slices of bread, a cheese that’s very low fat or turkey low in fat yet not fat free. The protein and fat does help to stablize your blood sugar with a period of time instead of a fast spike in your sugar levels and a quick drop in blood sugar as juice would do.

During the trip of yours if you need to fill an insulin injection or an oral blood glucose medication, then ensure that you consume as prescibed with the medication of yours, otherwise the blood sugar of yours can go low. I will be writing about how insulin and particular dental blood sugar medicines are able to make your sugar go minimal. You can not assume all insulin, glucotrust walmart (just click the next document) esp. Lantus, or oral diabetic medicines make your blood sugar low.

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