Dentistry Health: Stick Out The Tongue of yours and Say – Ouch!

"Vote Yes Fluoridation" poster, circa 1963Growing up as a Baby Boomer, I think of our generation being accused of going wild with our socially unacceptable fashion claims. Young males with young women and shoulder-length hair sporting hot trousers stunned the nation’s sensibilities.

It was suggested among our parents’ development which we’d never amount to something with our rebellious ways. However we have – we are upstanding community members, parents that are responsible, as well as respected professionals including dentists and oral hygienists.

Plus, while we thought we’d done it all, it has come to pass that the currently generation – GenX – has established a trend which drops the jaw of even the boldest Baby Boomer.

Picking up exactly where early Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans left off, GenX has embraced body and oral art such as piercing and prodentim reviews Scam tattooing as a way to distinguish them from the establishment.

Why is the mode of identity expression – in particular the pierced tongue – creating such concern amongst parents as well as the adults who comprise the American Dental Association? Are we Baby Boomers just a number of self-expression hypocrites?

Fine, I for one confess to being squeamish about dental or oral pain. It can make my knees weak merely to catch a glimpse of a barbell-impaled tongue in a teenager’s mouth.

In all honesty, however, that is not the primary issue at stake. These days, we learn far more about body piercing than the ancients did. Dentists and also other health care professionals understand that oral piercing is, to borrow an expression, risky business.

In truth, the ADA, a group of dentists that set professional standards for dentists in the United States, is officially against any kind of oral piercing.

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