Do Home cures Worsen Toenail Fungus Problems?

It’s not uncommon to hear of toenail fungus patients living with the infection of theirs for a year – or perhaps even several years.

Most primarily search the web for information regarding how to remedy the claw fungus, chiefly with “Home remedies.” Toenail fungus patients are drawn to the idea of “Home remedies” for curing the fungus of theirs since they choose using a natural product instead of an artificial one. But do home cures essentially cure toe fungus?

Let’s discuss some famous Home remedies:



Listerine is a lot more normally used as a lips wash and for clearing halitosis. It is believed that the acidic properties what supplements help toenail fungus (funny post) reduce or perhaps wipe out the toenail fungus. The feet are either soaked in Listerine or cotton balls soaked in Listerine are applied to the infected toenail. The issue with this is this merely deals with the toenail – and never under the nail wherein fungus is rising. It can possibly cause skin burns and irritation, which is never good.

Soaking foot in peroxide or bleach

Soaking foot in peroxide or bleach

Soaks are typically advised in nail fungus discussion forums. These could include bleach, vinegar, peroxide or even alcohol. Again, it’s claimed that the sour characteristics work on the fungus to clean it. A more widespread result is burned, sore or irritated feet and skin as the nail fungus continues to be unaffected.

Using Vicks Vapor Rub

Utilizing Vicks Vapor Rub

Applying various essential oils on your toes

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