Acai Berry – The Most effective Fat reduction Diet?

I believed I’d tried every diet really worth trying. As one mother of two young daughters I’d been on roller coaster diet programs for over three years when I finally came across a free sample of the Acai Berry diet plan. From hearing all the talk on oprah show and The Food Network with Rachael Ray I was truly curious to find out what all the fuzz was about, so I gave it a try..

I started my Acai diet in combination with a colon cleanse. This combination has become extremely popular for weight loss and it proved to be very successful many people feel, I dropped fifteen lbs. in the initial two weeks!! It was the first time of mine performing a colon cleanse and so the fat reduction was significant in part on account of each of the sludge as well as toxic compounds which was at long last coming out after being trapped for a long time. The Acai Berry I merely worked into the diet plan of mine by consuming 2 shakes a day as well as over a total of 6 weeks I lost twenty five lbs.!

The Atkins along with south Beach diet plans all involve complex meal programs, but with the Acai it was so convenient! Not merely did I lose some weight fast, phenq independent reviews but with the Acai Berry I managed to ensure that it stays off and I gained control over the body of mine. Acai contains powerful antioxidants, and is packed with Vitamins, Minerals, Anthocyanins and Omega-3 so its a natural energy booster as well as a appetite suppressant! I was getting more work completed during the day, and I still had the power as well as determination to work out. Its a great all natural alertness along with a feeling of nutritional satisfaction as well as well-being, not much of a jittery caffeine high, and it also improved my night rest!

What is Acai Berry?

Acai berry is all about the size of a major grape, dark purple in color and has seed. The Berry just grows in the rainforests of Brazil and is usually imported freeze dried. The flavor is a mix of chocolate as well as berries.

Health Benefits include:

* Increases metabolism and suppresses appetite to burn off more calories and help weight loss

* Detoxification of the entire body by detoxing the colon and flushing out toxins

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